Announcing FIGO’s partnership with FP2030

FIGO’s Committee on Contraception is proud to announce a partnership with Family Planning 2030 (FP2030). Our Committee on Contraception has made a global commitment to FP2030’s mission, joining a community of organisations dedicated to advancing rights-based family planning around the world. 

The severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on family planning services has created an especially urgent need for bold, new family planning commitments to ensure that women and girls have access to the high-quality reproductive health services they need and deserve.

In addition to the larger goal of supporting and advocating for universal health coverage for family planning services, FIGO has committed to strengthening the capacity of our member societies in family planning practices and to disseminate evidence-based information on contraception. Our specific commitment to FP2030 has three main components:

  1. FIGO’s Committee on Contraception will work with FP2030 to improve partnerships with national, regional and global allies and stakeholders leading to improved quality of care and access to sexual and reproductive health services.
  2. We will work with FP2030 to disseminate evidence-based family planning information via webinars, panels and joint presentations at regional, national and international conferences.
  3. If need arises, experts from our member societies will help to evaluate FP2030’s high impact practices. This would take the form of collaborative work in a specific region between a FIGO member society and FP2030 team working in that particular country or region.