Advocacy & Accountability Framework

FP2030 is the global partnership for family planning. Building on the successes and lessons of FP2020, the family planning community is embarking on a new decade of progress. The FP2030 partnership will preserve and expand on the best of FP2020, but shift the balance of power so that countries are in the lead, decision making is localized, civil society is a full partner in accountability, and commitments are made and implemented in a culture of transparency.

Advocacy and accountability are twin pillars of the FP2030 agenda. Evidence-based advocacy is the engine that drives progress on family planning and makes the partnershipā€™s goals possible; accountability is the backbone that ensures commitments are met. Civil society has a central role to play in both.

The FP2030 partnership is committed to advancing advocacy and accountability by facilitating a stronger and more coordinated approach at the country, regional, and global levels. The FP2030 partnership is also committed to strengthening the ecosystem for civil society engagement by cultivating strong civil society coalitions, developing capacity, fostering the use of data and evidence for advocacy, and facilitating the flow of information between policymakers and civil society organizations.

The FP2030 Advocacy and Accountability Framework is not intended as a strategy document to identify specific advocacy actions. Strategic advocacy agendas will be shaped at the regional and country levels, in keeping with local needs and contexts. The Framework is instead intended to serveĀ as a partnership-wide support structure that will enable those locally driven strategies to succeed. This document is a conceptual guide that outlinesthe role of advocacy and accountability in the FP2030 movement, and makes recommendations about how advocacy and accountability will be delivered, strengthened, funded, coordinated, and evaluated.